Meet, Spaghetti

    Image of robot

    10 KM

    Long range

    1 m/s

    Runs fast

    5 KG


    10 KG


    Brain fused with raw power and stamina - that's our robot. Contact us for a quote or any general query.

    Features: You Ask, We Deliver

    Built for Intelligence

    Our robot is built with automation and intelligence in mind. It is intelligent enough to find its way through point A to point B carefully avoiding obstacles.

    Powered By Linux

    Our robot is powered by Ubuntu LTS. With on-board Intel i5 processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM and fast WiFi AC means its no slouch. You might want to use it as your next desktop!


    Presence of off-the-shelf hardware and support for linux makes this highly customizable. You can customize it any way you like. And, don't forget to drop us a line about your awesome mod!

    Our Clients

    US AirForce
    Microsoft BizSpark
    BP plc
    City of Tallahassee
    Florida State University
    University of Florida
    Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute, AFRL
    Air Force Research Laboratory
    Gator Engineering, University of Florida