CompGeom Inc.
Driven by Software

From drilling oil to flying planes,
we use the power of data to help our clients.


We have extensive software proficiency in algorithmic design and development, graphics, vision, communications, processing massive datasets, and designing private clouds.


We focus on design, development and deployment of hardware systems for advanced technological problems especially in the areas of robotics and autonomous systems.

Big Data

Most of our projects deal with massive datasets. We apply our expertise to solve bigdata problems in various domains including energy, defense, GIS, AI, communications, and vision.

Recent Projects

No GPS: No Problem

No GPS: No Problem

Our system uses cheap software defined radio and vision to tell where you are, when GPS is lost.

SDR Systems

SDR Systems

We are working on a communication platform for unmanned aerial systems using SDRs.


A small hardware device lets the user keep their personal data under their control, but allows access from anywhere, anytime.



In this project we developed software for a large oil company to do Velocity meshing and large scale classifications.

Our Clients